Flash Costume: Revealing the Best and Worst Live-Action Outfits in The Flash

In 2023, the live-action CW series of The Flash concluded after running for nine seasons and 184 episodes. Shortly after, the first live-action Flash movie was released, marking the end of a development process that spanned the entire duration of the TV show. This leaves us without any upcoming live-action content, making it an ideal time to reflect on the history of The Flash in live-action and specifically the various adaptations of his costume.

To guide us through this retrospective, we have provided timestamps for each segment:

00:00 – Introduction
1:32 – Number 15
2:37 – Number 14
3:06 – Number 13
3:41 – Number 12
4:57 – Number 11
5:37 – Number 10
6:21 – Number 9
7:28 – Number 8
8:07 – Number 7
9:10 – Number 6
9:48 – Number 5
10:57 – Number 4
11:49 – Number 3
13:13 – Number 2
14:23 – Number 1

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45 thoughts on “Flash Costume: Revealing the Best and Worst Live-Action Outfits in The Flash

  1. I agree. I absolutely HATE when people say "It's good because it looks bad on purpose so it makes sense!". Like, no. That doesn't change the fact that the outfit sucks😂. Also, I agree with all of these picks except for one. I'd swap your number 2 and 3 bc the lack of golden boots really does take the season 6 suit down quite a lot for me personally.

  2. for me the perfect suits are :
    15 Legends of Super Heroes
    14 Justice League of America
    13 The Flash (1990)
    12 Flash S5A
    11 Flash S5B
    10 Flash Earth 90
    9 Flash 2 from the movie
    8 Flash S6-8
    7 Flash S9
    6 Flash Ezra Miller 1 Movie
    5 Flash Ezra Miller Justice League
    4 Flash S1A
    3 Flash S1B
    2 Flash S2-3
    1 Flash S4

  3. The CW suits are my favorite. But honestly, the Season 9 suit, and the Season 4 suit were perfect. In third I actually like Barry’s new suit in the Flash movie. I just wish the helmet and the boots change.

  4. Okay, I need to gripe about something I've been sitting on for a while and the JL movie Flash suit has boiled me over…

    …FINGERLESS GLOVES ON A CHARACTER WHO WANTS TO HIDE THEIR IDENTITY IS STUPID AND SHOULDN'T EXIST! Who in their right mind would think it's a good idea. If you're hiding your identity (meaning from EVERYONE) why on this green Earth would you leave uncovered ONE OF THE MAIN WAYS WE IDENTIFY BODIES/PEOPLE???? Thankfully, it doesn't happen often, but good night when it does show up I want to scream like Edna from Incredibles over CAPES!

  5. I can give JL Flash's armored look a pass simply cause he was new to his speed and thus was overprotective but that defense gets lost with the fingerless gloves

  6. i actually despise all versions of the newest cw flash suit.
    it looks too fabric-y to me and it just looks flat, there's not enough noticable detail.

  7. Its such a shame we got an amazing suit in the worst script/writing of the show, I think it gets a lot more hate because of that correlation. literally everything else other than CW writing and Effects budget are amazing in this show